10 things I hate about you
Joanne Nicholls Jan 13, 2017

I asked the question: What is your pet hate when you have a facial? The results are in. And although not suprising, it is a great reminder to therapists to up their game and provide the exceptional service our clients demand.

Here are the top 10 in order from the most mentioned to the least. Read on to find the 10 most detested salon experiences

1: Therapists who smell of cigarettes
This was by far the most talked about no no from my focus group. Although washing your hands and chewing breath mints might negate the stink somewhat, a non-smoker can still smell it a mile away. Receiving a facial is more than just the benefit to the skin, it is the whole eperience. Who wants cigarette stink competing with the beautiful essential oil aromas that are synonomous with spa?

2. Therapists talking too much
As a therapist, we need to take our cues from our clients. Some first time clients are nervous and want to know everything that is going on, whereas other clients just want to chill and enjoy quiet time. Shanga treatments have been designed and systemised to provide the best of both worlds. A consultation is provided before the client even lies down, a thorough skin analysis is performed at the beginning of the treatment and the process is explained to the client, finally the service is given with just the gentle sounds of crashing waves, flute music or whatever spa music is wafting through the air

3. Overpowering perfume
Just like cigarette smoke, many people found strong perfume a real turn off. Therapists need to keep in mind that many people are sensitive to chemical based fragrances. I'd also add offensive body odour. Personal hygine is a pre requisite to being a therapist

4. Clanging equipment
Good preparation is key here. There shouldn't be the need to be clanging equipment, banging doors running water, if the treatment has been properly prepared. Once the treatment begins...quiet please

5. Too cold
The Shanga signature wrapping technique should have this issue sorted. If you are a therapist and not Shanga trained, I'll post a short video demonstrating this technique in an upcoming post

5. Left alone
This was a pet hate of mine too. My entire career, I have designed treatments that keep the therapist in the room performing a value added service. In our Revive facial series, we are giving a foot scrub while the exfoliant is working it's magic, then a foot and leg massage while the mask is purifying, hydrating or calming the skin

6. Chewing gum
OMG the sound it like nails on the chalk board. Need I say more

7. Running water
I love the hot towel cabbie! Just like clanging equipment and banging doors. running water during the facial is just poor planning

8. Pushy retail
As a therapist, it is your professional responsibility to recommend home care. Only 30% of the changes created in skin can be made in the treatment room. 70% is up to the clients commitment and diligence at home. Thst said, being pushy when it comes to homecare is not OK. It is YOUR responsibility to make the recommendation, it is THEIR choice as to whether they take it or not. It's not personal.

9. Dirty towels
Ewwe. Impliment a towel rotation system and stick to it. Switch to microfiber towels, they wash up and dry quickly so there is no excuse for a towel to be dirty

10. Hair getting into the facial
OK. This was a huge pet hate for one of our focus group. Getting the hair involved in the facial is really not good when your client is headding back into the world after being taken on a blissful journey, especiall if going back to work. This is important to find out as part of the consultation, since some facials involve a scalp massage. I will be adding this question into our intake form as a result of the feedback received. The Shanga signature hair wrapping technique will prevent hair in the facial. I'll create a video on this too