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Propolis…”the bees knees”

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Have you heard of Propolis (also known as Bee Glue)? 

As we know, our buzzy little friends are essential to our ecosystem, ensuring pollination of plants and producing delicious honey for us. But did you also know that Bee Glue has amazing properties that we can benefit from for our health and our skin?

Propolis is a substance that honeybees collect from trees and shrubs. They combine it with beeswax to produce a resin that protects their hive from disease. It’s antimicrobal properties has a long histroy in medicine, dating as far back as 350 B.C. Greeks, Assyrians and Egyptians have all used this amazing “Glue” for many purposes such as healing wounds and mummification. 

In modern medicine, Propolis is used to treat infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungus. It is great for our immunity and for our digestive system. Phew! That’s a lot of work for one little ingredient to do! 

In the skin care industry, Bee Glue is a purifying agent that is used for tissue repair and regeneration. It also helps to reduce excess production of oil on the skin, making it a perfect ingredient in products for oily skin.

If you struggle with excess oil on your skin and have trouble finding a moisturiser to suit you, the Purifying Range from Shanga which includes healing and purifying ingredients, along with Bee Glue, may be just what you’ve been searching for!

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