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Smoothing Anti- Frizz


At Shanga, we’re proud to be known as a salon who offers naturally derived products. Our Kareela stylists have all the skill and experience you could ask for, but what sets us apart is our progressive approach to anti frizz treatments.

If you live in a place like Sydney, chances are you have battled your share of hair frizz at one time or another.

Even the straightest and best-behaving hair can quickly turn into an unruly and frizzy mess at the first sign of humidity.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that hair smoothing treatments are regular requests from our clients.  

Up until now, the most popular hair smoothing option has been keratin treatments, but they are not without their vices.

Thankfully Shanga has got its hands on a great alternative, AGI ONE – let’s take a quick look at this groundbreaking product and how it stacks up against keratin. 


A wonderful method of hair straightening that will last between three and five months. But the truly remarkable thing about this treatment is its restorative nature. 

This treatment works to de-frizz your hair, to make it more manageable, smoother, and gorgeous! But the unique properties of amino acids are wonderful for the health of your hair, too.

If you have naturally curly hair, an AGI ONE treatment won’t have the same straightening impact as traditional thermal hair straightening. But it will strengthen your hair and encourage a gorgeous, healthy glow and seriously reduce the frizz you have to put up with.

Find out more here with our FAQ here.


AGI ONE is the best thing to happen to hair smoothing yet! It’s unique technology works to smooth and condition hair by releasing nanoparticles directly into and onto the hair shaft. This enables the treatment to begin to repair the hair from the inside (cortex) while simultaneously creating a protective film over the outer layer (cuticle). Consider it a smoothing system with the added benefit of intense hydration.

Read more about AGI ONE Smoothing here


Our smoothing treatment is non-toxic, and completely formaldehyde free! 

ALI ONE straightening will relax your curl somewhat but won’t leave it dead straight! In some cases, straightening will relax the curl quite a lot and in other cases such as a strong curl, it will make it smoother and more manageable and slightly straighter.

Another wonderful benefit of AGI ONE smoothing is the time-saving it affords. If you’re used to spending far more time than you’d like to when straightening your hair with an iron, then this treatment could be a life-saver. It’s thought that treatment can shorten blow-dry time by up to 60%.

We’d love to get in touch! If you’d like to book a consultation at SHANGA Hair Salon, located in Kareela Village, or simply want to get some more information, make sure to give us a call.

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