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Since its release AGI ONE has amazed clients and hairdressers Australia wide. The most common question we get? “HOW?”

How is AGI ONE different to a traditional Keratin treatment? Simple!

All smoothing treatments including keratin are designed to de-frizz your hair, and Agi One does exactly that, but that’s where the similarities end.

The main difference between the two is that AGI ONE doesn’t use a Keratin base to create its results. AGI ONE is based on silk proteins and amino acids to aid the hair and its health. ⠀⠀

How is it so simple to use?

This formula has been perfected and tested by hairdressers worldwide. It really is as easy as one step! No complications, no worries!

How Does this affect hair colour?

AGI ONE doesn’t affect current or future colours AT ALL. In fact, you can colour immediately after the service without fear of AGI ONE losing its effect, longevity or intensity.

How does the treatment withstand swimming in chlorinated/saltwater? Does this significantly alter the longevity for the client?

With swimming in chlorinated/salt water, if this is a frequent occurrence we do recommend taking precautions such as swimming cap, washing hair after etc. Otherwise no, this shouldn’t affect longevity at all if take home care is being used correctly.

Is specific shampoo required?

We use and recommend Original & Mineral hair products. These are highly recommended as they are free from sulfates and other nasties, but if you have a range that you love, they can be use as an alternative.

Does the treatment ‘fade’ out or grow out?

The treatment acts similarly to a keratin in this way as you won’t find any frizzy “regrowth” like you would with a chemical straighten, the effects of the system will slowly fade over time.

Although it defrizz’ does it significantly straighten?

On certain hair types we have seen significant relaxing of curls and kinks but we don’t recommend this as if it were purely for straightening hair.

Is this suitable for ALL hair types?

YES! AGI ONE has specially formulated three solutions for a broad spectrum of hair types. This is made even better by the fact that they are intermixable! Three solutions, zero restrictions.



AGI ONE uses a unique technology that releases nanoparticles directly into and onto the hair shaft to smooth and condition hair.

This dual action technology enables hair to begin repairing from the inside while creating a protective layer on the outside of the hair shaft. 

Unlike traditional keratin treatments, AGI ONE is based on silk proteins and amino acids to aid the hair and its health. A key product feature is that it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde.

How is it different to keratin-based treatments?

All smoothing treatments including keratin are designed to de-frizz your hair, and AGI ONE does exactly that, but that’s where the similarities end.

Avoid the ‘yucky’ 48 hours

One of the worst parts of having a keratin treatment is the 48 hours straight after application.

During this period you’re advised not to wash, pin-up or do anything that will affect the hair shafts. 

Unfortunately, this means your hair may not look or feel that great for two days. 

This isn’t the case with AGI ONE, which lets you enjoy the benefits of your sleek looking hair treatment immediately. 

It’s colour friendly

Another big disadvantage of keratin treatments is that you have to wait after application for a week or more to have your hair coloured.

You may also find with keratin that your hair colour is altered, and may appear brassier.

Using AGI ONE means that you can colour your hair straight after treatment and your colour won’t be detrimentally affected.

Shorter processing time

Generally speaking, the whole process of applying a keratin treatment can take several hours to complete. This is a long time to spend in the hairdressing chair – even with a good supply of trashy magazines. 

The processing time for AGI ONE is considerably shorter and involves washing and conditioning your hair with the AGI ONE system products, followed by straightening.   

It lasts longer

AGI ONE treatments last between three and five months, depending on how often you wash your hair. This is typically much longer than other smoothing treatments including keratin.

Remarkably, each time you wash and blow-dry your hair after an AGI ONE application, the product will activate. Its effect will eventually fade though, over time.

Is AGI ONE a good option for my hair type?

AGI ONE is the perfect smoothing hair treatment for any hair type that is prone to frizz.

It is formulated to work on thick, colour treated, blonde and generally unruly or rebellious hair.

AGI ONE is also reported to work well for curly-haired clients, who want curls without the frizz, as well as the option to style their hair straight.

There are three AGI ONE solution types – normal, resistant and violet for blonde – to cater for a broad spectrum of hair types.

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