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Dotless PlasmaLift Pro

About Dot Less PlasmaLift Pro

We are beyond excited to launch this new Plasma treatment to the Sutherland Shire. We are now introducing the newest, most advanced, up to date, non-invasive form of Plasma treatments called PlasmaLift Pro.

PlasmaLift PRO is the next generation in Plasma technology – so there is NO DOWNTIME, NO DOTS, NO SCABS!!

Contact us NOW if you’d like to know more about how we can get rid of your wrinkles and shrink your skin without the DOWNTIME!!

If you can’t afford to take time off work and don’t want the downtime, then this treatment is great for you, however, you will require up to 3 sessions and the results will take longer. But in this busy world not all of us have much time to spare.. so, this treatment is ideal for busy people!

There are many benefits to this treatment in comparison to our traditional Plasma treatment method:

  • No Dots! It does not create an ablative dot on the skin, instead it bypasses the skins barrier treating the underneath the skin, this way you walk straight out the door and no one will know you have had a treatment.

  • No Downtime, traditional Plasma treatments can take up to 10 days to heal, meaning time off work and heavy makeup application to try and hide the area treated. With the PlasmaLift Pro you don’t need time off work or have to cancel plans with friends.

  • Less pain, in comparison with older traditional Plasma treatment, its notably almost painless in comparison

  • Treat more at a time, due to the PlasmaLift Pro been non-invasive means you can treat a bigger area than normal. Normally we would not be able to treat upper, crows and lower eyes together due to the large amount of swelling that can occur, with the PlasmaLift Pro treatment we can treat all 3 areas at once we no downtime.

A package of treatments is recommended for best results and can be combined with our traditional original PlasmaLift treatment.

Please refer to our Original PlasmaLift Treatment for more information on how this treatment works.


All below pricing includes 3 treatments

Upper Lip $1,295

Lower Lip $895

Chin $995

Marionette Lines $995

Naso Labial folds (corner of nose-corner of lip) $1495

Sweet lips pack super special

Includes, Lips upper, Lips Lower, Chin, marionette Lines and Naso Labial folds. 

Normally $5000 plus 

Now $2999

save thousands. 

Upper Eye lids $1495

Lower Eyes $1295

Crow’s Feet $1295

Frown Lines $595

Brow Lift $1495

Ultimate Eye Pack super special 

Upper eye lift, Lower eye lift, Crows Feet and Brow Lift 

Normally $3185

Now $2999

Full Neck $1895

Half Neck $1495


After care needed for this treatment is $59. 


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