Membership terms & conditions
1. 12 Month Membership is a continuing Auto-Pay commitment, initially for a period of twelve (12) months at
$99 per month, where your membership then “auto-renews” and is a continuing relationship. It is paid via Auto-Pay with Stripe on a monthly basis, on the monthly anniversary of your joining date
2. All services consist of a 5-minute period for consultation and undressing prior to your massage, facial or spa treatment and
5-minute period post your service for redressing and discussing future treatment needs, a correct expectation “on the table” is for 50 minutes.
3. Members are asked to arrive at least 5-minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time 
4. Any member account credit is redeemable for services only and is not redeemable as cash.
Unused account balance remains as a credit balance and may be used as credit against a purchase of a service, purchased gift card (balance cannot apply to online Gift Card
5. Any update to a members personal details are required to be advised by the member, including any change of residential address, email address or phone number or any change in their credit card or account information prior to the next Auto-Pay date (the 1st business day of each calendar month, or anniversary of their joining if an online member).
6. ClubSpa members can update their details by signing in using the MY INFO feature on the sign in page, or alternatively can call or email Shanga Spa
7. A member can roll forward their unused member services for a period up to “three months” (90-days). If unable to use a treatment that is due to expire as it is approaching expiry, a member can transfer that unused member service to a third party. In the event the three month period passes, that treatment then expires
8. At the end of the initial twelve (12) month term of membership, your monthly Auto-Pay will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis
9. A Family member is defined as any immediate family member living at the same location as the member. Photo ID or another form of identification is required upon redemption of a member service using a Family Members membership. Consent for redemption of that treatment must be provided by the original member
10. Shanga Spa is not responsible for lost or stolen articles or items
11. Shanga Spa reserves the right to change salon rules, regulations, and pricing at any time upon reasonable notice, such reasonable notice is deemed to be a maximum period of three (3) months
12. All members agree to follow salon rules and regulations including spa terms & conditions, and accept that the salon has the right to refuse or discontinue membership to any member for any reason
13. The minimum age for a massage is 16yrs of age. If under 16yrs, but no younger than 14yrs, massage is consented only if written parental consent is provided

Cancellation of appointments
14. You may cancel your appointment without charge prior to close of business on the “trading day” preceding your scheduled appointment
15. Same day cancellations will incur a late cancellation fee of $40
16. Non-attendance or “no-show” results in forfeit of one prepaid treatment, or equivalent charge if monthly prepaid service has already been redeemed

Cancelling or Suspending a ClubSpa Membership
17. There may be times you require “suspending” your membership due to planned travel or absence for
longer periods of time or other personal circumstances. Such “suspension” is not to be unreasonably withheld for up to a period of three (3) months, and is conditional upon the Auto-Pay remaining set to resume at the end of the suspension period
18. In the event of cancellation of membership, any remain balance is not lost, and is retained as account balance merely applied to future massages or gift card purchases at the non-member rate
19. In the event a member requires immediate cancelling of their membership prior to the end of the initial twelve month (12) period, a commitment to pay for three (3) months membership applied. It is paid immediately and the member will be provided with gift card/s for three (3) massages
20. Notification of intent to cancel can be made by a client anytime after the initial twelve (12) month period, or earlier by mutual consent where the client provides three (3) months notice of their intention to cancel.
The Auto-Pay continues to run for that period and the member price and benefit remain available for the same notification period
21. If any unused treatment account credit at the end of the three (3) month cancellation notification period remains, and can then be redeemed at the non-member rate