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Body Care pack
Body Care pack
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Body Care pack
Body Care pack

Body Care pack

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A discovery body care gift set of top-to-toe spa favourites. Create your own spa wherever you are. A collection of spa favourites to leave your skin feeling fabulous and your body utterly pampered, all in the comfort of your own space.


BODY POLISH | 50 ml 
BODY WASH | 50 ml 
BODY YOGHURT | 50 ml .
BODY SILK | 50 ml 

  • Top-to-toe home spa
  • Cleanses & polishes
  • Hydrates & pampers

You can use these products at any time, but the following steps are ideally suited for the end of the day to help you get a really restful sleep.

Create a spa mood. Pop on your favourite fluffy robe & slippers and turn on some calming music.

Light a candle and make a delicious cup of herbal tea. This spa-licious ritual will have you feeling your beautiful self again.

Drizzle BODY SILK into a steamy water to create an aromatic spa bath.

Massage your body with BODY YOGHURT starting with your legs and working upwards. You might want to call in a friend to do your back!

Mmmm… a healthy and fresh you and a skin vacation indeed!

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