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Pure Results Regimen

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Our experience shows that these steps are essential for skin transformation. 4 simple steps, AM and PM, build upon the other to reveal your best skin. Get smoother, brighter, more lifted-looking skin with Shanga. Our potent regimen works with good-for-you ingredients to quickly deliver results. Why not experience your own transformation with a personalised Shanga PURE RESULTS REGIMEN.

  • Improved barrier function
  • More even tone
  • Dewy, plumped and healthy skin
How to use it


AM/PM: Choose the right cleanser for your skin type to remove makeup and impurities while prepping for exfoliation. 

Hydrating Cleanser

(for dry/normal skin)

Calming Cleanser

(for sensitive skin)

Purifying Gel Cleanser

(for oily/combination/blemish-prone skin)


AM: Anti-oxidant Hydro-Mist - An antioxidant skin drink drenched in hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and protect against dehydration. Schisandra Berry, Resveratrol and Davidson Plum, act against free radical damage and combat the effects of ageing. 

PM: Papaya Enzyme Peel Solution gently but effectively sloughs off dead skin cells and prime your skin for our power-packed treatments. Exfoliating is essential to stimulate new cell growth.

STEP 3: TREAT (not in pack)

After toning or exfoliating, your skin is ready to receive concentrated nutrients, antioxidants, and peptides to help smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles, brighten and hydrate.

AM: - Vibran-C - brightens skin. Reduces pigmentation, protect the skin from photoageing, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, sagging, dryness, and an uneven skin tone

AM /PM: - B-Strong. Strengthens the skins protective barrier. improves skins immunity. Adds hydration, helps control breakouts.

AM / PM: - REDuce - reduces redness, calms and soothes hot, inflamed and irritated skin

PM: A-new - High potency, 100% encapsulated, vegan retinol serum to resurface and refresh your skin. Address skin ageing and complexion concerns for superior skin revitalisation.

Keep Clear - Reduce red / brown marks left from breakouts. A gentle exfoliating serum, that helps prevent the build-up of acne causing dead skin cells and sebum.


AM: Moisturiser, seals in treatment and comes in Hydrating, Calming, Purifying or Keep Clear

De-light SPF 30 (not in pack)

PM: Radiance Elixir -delivesr deep moisture while helping to lift and firm throughout the night.