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Shanga was originally designed by a salon professional for salon professionals. We want to get our good-for-you products into the hands of qualified people. 

 The Shanga Opportunity is simply an unconventional business plan that has massive potential with none of the usual risks or outlays associated with running a business. It can be run completely online, offline or any combination of the two. The Salon landscape is changing rapidly. Savvy business owners need to embrace new ways of doing business to survive in the social world. As a Shanga professional affiliate, you'll earn 40% commission on sales with none of the headaches of holding additional stock or shipping goods to clients. That is all taken care of for you. Your website is accessible for customers Australia Wide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. When your business door closes your Online Store will always be open.

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With Australian Made Beauty Products Of Uncompromising Quality. 

 If you are a beauty salon owner, hairdresser or stylist, then you are able to join the growing community of beauty professionals who use and recommend Shanga. As a Shanga Professional you are able to purchase stock through this website at wholesale prices, and have it delivered to your salon or home. Other benefits include:

Access to Products of Uncompromised Quality: Our products blend the best natural ingredients (herbs, flowers and other botanical extracts) with scientifically ‘proven to be effective’ active ingredients. You get the best of nature and science.

Full Strength Formulations: At Shanga we believe in results, so all of our formulations contain active ingredients in the quantities required to produce them. This may sound like common sense, but it’s actually uncommon sense in an industry where most of our competitors sacrifice efficacy to save money. They typically skimp on active ingredients and spend most of their money on marketing and celebrity endorsements. Meanwhile Shanga invests in ingredients of the highest quality, so our clients get results, and reward us with their loyalty.

Life Time Commissions on All Web Sales: If any of the clients you introduce to Shanga buy online via our website, we tag them as your client and pay you commission on their purchases, for the life of the client! We do this because our business is based on values of quality, convenience, partnership and integrity. 

Money Back Guarantee: If someone uses our product and is not completely delighted with the results, we will gladly refund their money. This means you can recommend Shanga to your clients with complete confidence.

So why not join the Shanga tribe now and help us give women the results they want and deserve? We value partnership, we are 100% committed to creating business relationships where everyone wins, you, your clients and our brand. Isn’t that a better way to do business?

Create an Account on this site, Call us on 1300 467 087 or fill out the Contact form  with your salon details and ABN, and we'll notify you as soon as your professional status is verified. You will then be able to log in and order at wholesale. Join as an affiliate, and you can link to our site from your website to earn income from your clients purchases without even holding stock!

 What’s Different About Shanga? For a Start, Beauty Formulations That REALLY WORK!

At Shanga, we are proud to be a ‘natural’ based cosmetics company that is results driven. This means that while we have a love of natural and organic substances, we don’t turn our backs on good science.

Our slogan “The Power to be Beautiful” is our promise, and to fulfill on it we blend the purest natural substances with scientifically ‘proven to be effective’ active ingredients, in quantities required to be effective.

Why is this emphasis so important? Because as shocking as this sounds, most product claims made by the big cosmetic companies are based on 'slight of hand' more suited to magic shows than cosmetics. Here’s an example of what we mean:

Have you ever heard of an antioxidant called coQ10? You probably have, as it’s been proven in independent clinical tests by universities to be one of the world’s most powerful weapons against ageing. Did you know that the majority of the anti-wrinkle creams that use coQ10 put just a pinch of the antioxidant in their formulations? In fact, just enough to legally be able to say their product contains coQ10! They completely ignore the fact that on average ten times that amount is needed to effectively fight wrinkles!

But why on earth would anyone do this? Because coQ10 is expensive! Most cosmetic companies, afraid of cheap competitors, compromise and cut corners. They would rather spend their money on advertising that creates the perception of effectiveness, than actually invest in all of the active ingredients, of the quality, and quantities required, to produce the best possible result for their customers. Doesn’t that make you mad!

Well here’s our promise to you – at Shanga we will never treat you with such contempt!

All of our products contain an uncompromising blend of scientifically proven ingredients, (i.e. proven by independent laboratories or universities), our formulations are stabilized (so that active ingredients remain potent), and include a broad range of organic, botanic and active ingredients, in thequantities required to give you results. When you take this much care in producing superior products, it's easy to stand behind them with a money back guarantee, because they really work!

The Shanga Difference: Honesty, Respect, Integrity and RESULTS!


“Real Beauty is about authenticity coupled with the energy that comes from living your own truth, instead of buying into somebody else’s rules”.

Leslie Kenton, author of Ageless Ageing and The Skin Revolution


The founder of Shanga, Joanne Nicholls, is a beauty therapist & hair stylist working in the beauty industry for more than 30 years, who started Shanga as a direct result of her dissatisfaction with the misleading mumbo-jumbo she found so prevalent in the cosmetics industry.

When Joanne created Shanga, she dared to step outside the miserly concerns of the big cosmetic companies, and created a brand that stood for honesty, respect, integrity and results. You see, Shanga is a love child, born of a heart-felt desire to offer women something more than products made of spin and marketing – with scant integrity and a focus firmly on profits, (as opposed to the health and well being of women).

That’s why Shanga is so unique. We truly care about your health and beauty. We believe that when a woman becomes our customer, she places her trust in us, and we consider that trust akin to the sacred. That’s why we place product integrity above all else.

This means you can be 100% confident that Shanga products will not only give you the results they promise, they will be safe to use. We believe our products stand head and shoulders above anything else on the market and here’s why:

Our formulations combine natural botanicals, organic substances and independently tested, clinically proven ingredients. They are all stabilized, so that by the time they get to you, the active ingredients remain potent. (That may sound like a given, but most companies fail in this respect, so by the time you get their product with the latest ‘you beaut’ ingredient, it’s impotent! - now you know why they don’t work!). We also add all of our active ingredients in the quantities required to be effective.

To honour your feminine spirit and your quest to be your most beautiful you, we are proud to present the following range of products: