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Calendula, Most of the healing benefits of Calendula can be attributed to its high level of Carotenoids (these provide antioxidant activity that increases the immune function of the skin). These Carotenoids make Calendula a fantastic treatment for sensitive skin and skin prone to rashes

Organic Calendula: Organic Calendula is one of the holistic community’s most highly revered natural medicines for treating areas of inflammation. In addition to being anti-inflammatory, it’s also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. In essence, calendula is a fantastic, natural anti-septic that has been widely used in treating rosacea.

What’s more, is that not only does calendula have the ability to wipe-out bacteria that is often caught inside our skin pores; but additionally, it has also been known to aid in skin cell regeneration.

Calendula also contains narcissi and rutin. These compounds help in regeneration of glutathione, the master anti-oxidant in our Vitamin C+ Serum, which stops inflammatory reactions caused by the sun’s UV rays. Calendula also contains carotene, iodine and manganese. These elements stimulate regeneration of the cells. What’s more, calendula can contribute to the production of collagen, thus stimulate natural skin restoration and force the healing of rosacea flare ups.