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Body Treatments

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These 1 hr treatments will leave you feeling like new.


Maintaining your physical and mental wellness should be something that you do on a consistent and frequent basis. At Shanga Urban Retreat, we are passionate about giving you the physical and mental relief you deserve, not every once in a while, but on a regular and routine basis. Your body works hard to keep up with your busy lifestyle, and regular massage treatments provide the relaxation and wellness benefits your body requires to feel in your best shape.

Improve sleep, increase blood circulation, relieve tension headaches, decrease stress, and elevate your everyday life with regular  massage services.

A relaxing way to exfoliate and invigorate the skin, leaving your skin with a luminous glow. Ideal before another body treatment, massage, tan or for change of season.Natural mineral and dead sea salts and conditioning plant and nut oils, customised with essential oils -detoxify, increase blood circulation and leaves you feeling silky soft and polished.

We spell this pedispa: B – L – I – S – S! In the comfort of your private, mood lit room, essential oils fill the air, guaranteed to melt away worry and stress! As you unwind, we smooth away the build up of hard, dry skin using a foot file, and further the exfoliation process with a skin polishing scrub your feet will beg for. As you drift away to skin so soft laalaa land, we go a step further and wrap them in a warm, aromatic towel. Those softened tootsies are then ready for some red carpet ready prep work. Your therapist will gently cut and file your nails, and place your foot into a detoxifying and reviving mask wrap that will leave your feet as soft as a new baby’s behind! Then it’s time to attend to those hard to treat cuticles. Thought it couldn’t get much better, well, we’re adding a luxurious leg and foot massage incorporating reflexology pressure points, and then topping it off with your choice of polish for toes so glamorous, even the red carpet isn’t ready!! As your nail are drying, an indulgent hand and arm massage is performed. Did someone say spa-ahhh

Experience the ultimate full body rejuvenation ritual. Supremely soft and moisturised skin can be yours, as your whole body is exfoliated then drenched in a blend of melted shea butter, cocoa butter and Shanga Body Silk. You are then wrapped in warm blankets as your therapist performs a scalp massage, pressure point face massage, body balancing movements and foot massage. This deeply luxurious and balancing therapy reduces stress, detoxifies the body and leaves your skin and body nourished