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Shanga Spa Body

Shanga and "The Alchemy of Beauty" - Body & Lifestyle Products That Enhance Your Mind, body & Spirit

At Shanga we believe there is a magic, an art to beauty, both inner and outer, and that feeling beautiful is just as important as looking beautiful; because when a woman feels beautiful, she instantly becomes more beautiful.

Some call this confidence, but we believe it's deeper than that.
There IS such a thing as "inner beauty", and inner beauty is a feeling; a feeling that you have and that other people get, just from being in your presence. And this is not some floral esoteric hogwash - it's real!

Not every woman is blessed with conventional good looks, but by the same token, not every woman blessed with conventional good looks could be described as truly beautiful. And that's what we're talking about here. Everyone knows, or at least has met someone who radiates inner beauty.

There are many ways to work on maximizing your personal beauty. Almost all modern women use make-up and skin care regimes to present a beautiful face to the world, but there is another level at which you can work on your beauty.

At Shanga, we believe that when a woman takes the time to love and nurture herself, she aligns herself with her feminine essence - her "goddess" nature - the very essence of womanliness. The results are palpable and immediate, and flow from within and without.

So what are some new and fulfilling ways that YOU can love and nurture yourself, and how can Shanga help?

Over the ages, in every culture the world over, women have taken used botanical and mineral extracts, soothing oils, perfumes and the like; to support self-nurturing of their bodies, face and skin, to help them look, feel and be, their most beautiful.

At Shanga, we love and embrace these traditions; in fact we believe there is "magic" in them, an "alchemy of beauty", if you like, and that this IS a source of grace, strength and power to women since time immemorial.

We see real value in the modern woman taking out time in her life to honour and nurture her body, and indulge her senses in ways consistent with these ancient feminine traditions. We believe that by doing so, you align yourself with your feminine essence and develop a radiance that is not just of benefit to you, but a gift to everyone in your life, irrespective of the nature of your relationship with them.

That's why we have developed our Body Care and Lifestyle range, to assist you in practicing the "the alchemy of beauty" in your own life and home.

Staying true to the ancient traditions, but with the added benefit of modern best practice, we combine the perfect blend of nature and science into a range of products that can be used to create magic in your life: To create a beautiful atmosphere alter your/someone else's mood calm stimulate or illicit an emotional response.

We provide the means, you create the magic!

We encourage you to use these products to practice "the alchemy of beauty" in your own life, to assist you in nurturing yourself and creating an atmosphere where you feel and become your most beautiful.

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